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MiG-21 making DCS world crash?


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Howdy folks, yesterday after the patch and installing the MiG it worked fine, except for the FPS drop which has already been reported. Today I went to run DCS world and there was another small update and now whenever I try to run the MiG it crashes during the load screen. I've tried a DCS world repair and have removed mods I was running but it is still doing it. Any suggestions? I have attached a zip file with my logs folder.


Edit: I should also point out that all other modules I own load up just fine.


Edit2: Removing and reinstalling the module didn't fix it either. Won't load no matter what I do.


Edit3: I believe I've figured out what was causing it, I was editing the "Hint_localizer.lua" in order to get it to show English tooltips in RU cockpit. After replacing the edited file with the backup I made it seems to load now. Hopefully not a fluke :P

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