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multiplayer question....

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I'm guessing you are missing some steps when you attempt to join from the main menu of LOMAC. Use Hyperlobby- and you will end up right in the "coalitions" screen with very little left to do.


Have you joined that server's TEAMSPEAK comms channel yet??



Start Hyperlobby


Select the server you want & join session


Game will auto start- you'll end up at coalitions screen.


(Place your mouse over the various buttons- a balloon shows you what

they are.)

Click on "Briefing" button & read what it says on that screen.


Click the "coalitions" button to return.


Select a side-click JOIN at top- then OK at bottom.


Select a mule. - click PAYLOAD button on the right.


Load 'er up. Or- keep the default loadout, or create your own by clicking NEW. Make sure it's legal in the briefing.


Click on SAVE if you make any changes!!! Very Important.




Exit game and go back to turn on your joystick profile.




Exit again to turn on your Track IR.




Wife interrupts you for some mundane task.


Alert comrades on TS that you'll "Be right back"


Exit again.


Walk off un-mindful of short headset cord which gets yanked out from back of computer- snagging flightstick and keyboard cables- and dragging them off your desk crashing to the floor.


Remove headset.


Appease spouse.


Return to desk.


Note newly exposed bare wire on headset cord.


Return to garage to find electrical tape.


Once located- go back upstairs to retrieve headset.


whoops.. hang on .. ((WHat??)) "I'll be back"

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