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  1. Hello everyone I am returning to ED flight sims after a long time off, and I have some noobish questions :pilotfly: I have DCS and FC2 and a10c (and also some legacy things, FC2 Lomac BS1). I have DCS now on steam. The 3rd party DLCs which are 'incompatible with steam' - is there a a way to get these? I would really like to get some of the cold war are jets like the Viggen and Tiger! Are they going to be released for Steam with DCS 2.0 and up? Soeery if these questions are basic - I looked around the forum a bit - Nice to see some old hands still here S! Gaze
  2. I had this bug with a force feedback (logitech wingman) stick.
  3. Seems to be related to su27 cockpit only - have 3go mod will try fixing that.
  4. has anyone ever encountered this problem? I installed a flatscreen monitor (had a CRT) and now when I play LO I see a black square in the HUD instead of being able to see sky through it. Also the mirrors are obscured by a similar phenomenon. Thirdly, in f2 view the paint on planes is not visdible, just matt gray skin. Help?!:cry:
  5. Release missile from slightly above his altitude if you can. F Pole -and- dive, keeping yourself just under his altitude as he dives. Dive really hard if you have to, but maintain lock. turn inward and barrel a bit near impact time, dropping chaff.
  6. Awesome I really did not think that that would happen, our community really needs it until the next generation of ED fighter sim. S!
  7. Welcome! If LA is flashing you need to manouver your plane to point its nose nearer the target. When the target is within the maximum angle you can fire the laser guided missile you get steady LA.
  8. But if it hit you in the face you weold be poorly! :pirate:
  9. Is that the one where you have to take out the crashed mig? I think I came in high for that one, very steep release like I think you are saying you did. Mostly to stay away from S2A threats but also the problem of accuracy you were having may be to do with the 'torchlight/flashlight effect'. If you strafe or line your CCIP pipper up when in a shallow dive any little error is magnified by your viewpoint's shallow anlge w/ respect to the ground - you are covering a larger area of floor with small deviations from the target. Imagine a torch (flashlight) shining down at a 45deg angle onto a table - the area covered by the beam is larger than the pattern made when shining it straight down, even though the actual angular limits of the torch are the same. Additionally you can 'hover' the pipper over the target in a steep dive - rather than trying to time the release for when it passes through the target. The Diamond thing appears when ever a target is set in the ME - theres a way to stop it showing when you make a mission. I think you set the GOAL of the mission to destroy the object - rather than setting it as a TARGET. The diamond is a little unrealistic, some say its equivalent to a guy shining a laser on your target (real life practice) but thats with respect to the a-10 I think. Many community made missions avoid the diamond for this very reason. It takes the fun out of searching for the target visually or with proper instruments.
  10. What JS are you using? I had a Logitech Forcefeedback which stopped me trimming with keyboard or the stick buttons. I could get around it only by crashing and respawning.
  11. Its the (good) flight model. Use opposite stick yourself to stop a roll dead and see for yourself! Inertia!
  12. I dont think there are enough buttons on there to warrant selecting it over the x52/45 for LO! But as you say its a bit cheaper. What I want is MORE buttons! (or touch buddy hehe)
  13. Start turning before you pass each other ('lead turn' - I think one of the training tracks shows you how to do it). Also, consider cutting your throttle and dropping flares toward the end of the turn.
  14. That depends on the country IIRC - germany and israel have them i think
  15. It might be a good idea to include the R27-t on the russian MiG29a - since the last update removed this (unless there is some reason it shouldnt have it when the other ones do). Edit - missing on Ukrainian ones too, just German ones can select them
  16. I had the TV on at work in the background and all of a sudden I noticed Typhoons over London! Didnt get much done for a while ;)
  17. :thumbup: Let us know if you get a picture of it in venezualan colours colours before then!
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