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FPS decreasing with mission time


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Hello everyone,


so technical issues got me in this forum as well. ;)


I have been using DCS and FC3 for quite a while now and never had any fps issues I couldnt solve with different settings (with the exception of the BM-21 being a performance WMD).


But now, I got a strange issue: in the 3rd SU-25 campaign mission, a precision strike against bridges, around 10 minutes into the mission the FPS is continually decreasing from ~20-30, which is ok, to an unplayable slideshow level around 1FPS or even less. Pausing or SloMo gives me back normal FPS, but the mission is not playable that way.


Its a bit odd because judged by the F10 view the mission does not have more units than others I run without problems.


My specs are:


Phenom II X4 365 BE @ 4 Ghz


nvidia GTX560Ti

win7 64bit


Update: after clicking around here in the forums a bit I want to add that none of my components are overheating and this is not an occassional drop in FPS that vanishes after a while. I definitely have to quit flying to get out of the 0,5 FPS lag.


thx for any ideas ;)

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How much Video Ram is on that 560Ti? Background programs like iTunes updating in the background could cause this, (Happened to me once) They give U no warning just start downloading Windows updates are notorious for this too.


Other than that I would look into the Cache/Swap File settings, what are they (Windows Controlled)? I would restart My PC before starting DCS a few updates back I found better FRAPs by doing this, a possible solution in ur case here.


The Drivers for that Nvidia are up to date I assume?

This was a Boutique Builder iBuypower rig. Until I got the tinker bug again i7 920 @3.6Mhz 12Gig Corsair XMS3 ram 1600 Nvidia 760 SLi w/4Gig DDR5 Ram Intel 310 SSD HDD 160 Gb + Western Digital 4Terabyte HDD Creative SB X-Fi HD Audio Logitech X-530 5.1 Surround Speaker System Dual Acer 32"Monitors. PSU 1200 w Thermaltake Win10 64Bit.

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