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    Falcon4.0 on Media PC in entertainment room, FalconAF on my personal PC. in PC. room. Soon to add A-10 to my arsinal. I prefer reading the manual and looking through the forums first. downloading the training missions add ons and such. Forums are a graet place to see if the software is worth purcha
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    Mississippi, Pontotoc originaly from Cleveland OH.
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    Chess see me on ICC.com handle is AtaliaA1 rating avg. 1400-1600.
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    Retired Logistics Analyst III.
  1. Along with cthulhu68s' answer. That GPU will run this sim. with aplomb. I've seen issues with the 1060 here but not the 70.
  2. Sometimes this is caused by virus programs. What do you use for virus protection?
  3. There were a couple of "Real Life" pilots in the Vietnam Era that would fake a malfunction in order to avoid the refueling of the flight missions. So the difficulty is as it should be. IMHO of course. Took a while to get it but it was definitely a feeling of accomplishment when it clicked in.
  4. Typically this is a matter of the GPU. Updating drivers was good. Your Redistributed files are up to date? If you had a crash they sometimes need to be reinstalled? Let's see Bignewy's assessment of the Logs also.
  5. Have you deleted the saved games folder? It will be recreated on your next start up of the sim.
  6. That error message you received is similar to ones I have seen in the past. 0x was power related in those cases. You will need to follow Bignewy on sending your log files to better assist you.
  7. You cant click on items to start the game nor change/check the resolution? What are your PC specs. also. does your mouse have option to go to main item on the newly opened page or item? This being an option in Logitechs mouse and keyboard settings.
  8. Just curious as to why you would wait for steam and not use the Stand alone ver.?
  9. We will need more info. on your PC. Specs. GPU, CPU, Ram. and amount of ram on graphics card also.
  10. Back then it was a "GPU Driver Issue" for me and others. Of course there were other issues back then that caused similar problems. One time it was the "Redistributed Files" needing to be reinstalled after an update.
  11. Yes. Unfortunately the files don't come with the Windows 10 download or the disk. I have no idea why as most games require them and there are so many you would think it would be a part of the installed files.
  12. Wondering if it is possible the 1070 could have this type of negative impact if plugged into the wrong or lower speed GPU Motherboard adapter.
  13. Have you updated your graphics drivers. A few iterations ago, D3D11.dll errors were a matter of re-installing the "Redistributed" files from Microsoft. Prior to that you had to add the file manually, this not being needed these days. No mods? If you have experienced a crash in another program it could be the truncation of the Redistributed files.
  14. "Around 2002 or So" that wasn't the point of our conversation. You prowess is interesting.
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