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From an A-10C Group in Italy


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I am almost sure that this is not the right place for what I wish to say, but I hope in your understanding and maybe in your help to readdress this post to the right place or persons.

I am Gringo, from AMVI, an Italian Group of flight enthusiast and I am in charge with External Relations for the Group.

AMVI (www.amvi.it) is active in Fly Simulation already since year 2000 and it includes a group of Falcon BMS as well as a group of A-10C DCS.</SPAN>

This A-10C DCS is very focused in different and several activities that now include also the participation of External Groups for a better and m ore intensive exchange of experiences and improvement.

AMVI A-10C DCS is currently running a Campaign with a frequency of one mission every second Tuesday of the month and it would be delighted in having you as guest Pilots. The next mission where we could have you with us will be flown on March 17.

An important note is that our Group uses ARIES (please check http://ariescon.com/index.html http://ariescon.com/index.html).

Ok now, we have tossed the stone and we’ll be glad to reply to your questions and to accept your possible participation. If you are interested, please contact me at gringo@amvi.it

All the best for your Group’s activity and see you around here.


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Hello Gringo!


The 132nd Virtual Wing would be interested in participating in your event!


I will send you a email with more details about us, and we can discuss the possibility of participation from us.

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes

turned skyward for there you have been, and there you will always long to return"


132nd Public documents - Want to apply? - 132nd Youtube channel - 132nd Discord Channel

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Hi Gringo,


We could also be interested at the VEAF.

We can participate with A-10C, SU-25T, KA-50, UH-1H and GCI/AWACS.


Depending on the number of pilots you want (and the dates of course).


Good luck for this event anyway :)

VEAF - Virtual European Air Force- www.veaf.org

Association européenne de simulation évoluant sur DCS, BMS et ArmA3.

Nous rejoindre : http://www.veaf.org/fr/association/formulaire-de-contact

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