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Bug with the three white backlights inside the cockpit ?


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I have one question about the rotary switch's cabin lamps white light RL-70 who regulates the brightness of the backlight of the left and right electrical switchboards and also the oxygen equipent pannel.

Is it normal that this rotary switch turn ON and OFF just the 2 electrical pannels and not the oxygen equipent pannel ?

After many tests the backlight of the oxygen equipent pannel stay still lighted during the flight then the 2 electrical pannels are turn off ?


Is it one small bug or normal process in the real life ?


As it's not easy to explain and once again I join you two screenshots:










A great thanks in advance, Skull.

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It is normal. The most back left lightning is separate. It turns on and off with Nose Light Master Switch on right switches panel


Yes, once again you have right and it's perfect.

This Mig-15 is very awesome and incredible, a real masterpiece.


Thanks again and best regards, Skull.

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