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Possible NTTR Mission - To Mission creators

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Just a thought, wish whatever you wanna call it, for us who can't play online. I was wondering if it's possible to create a script were 2 planes, player and AI, take off from an airfield, fly together in formation in a range and proceed to bfm exercise. After 3 engagements which began with the appropriate separation and fights on command (and terminate in the end) the 2 planes should get back to base in formation and land. If this is possible then simulated use of weapons should be possible too

THIS is what I call a NTTR mission and maybe an offline TOP GUN Campaign (great choice Leatherneck). Maybe a mission guru kind of type like SABRE-TLA could make it real.

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It's a good suggestion but I believe ED is planning to release a Red Flag type of campaign with the NTTR map.


We certainly will be looking at what is possible when DCS 2.0 comes out.


There are certainly lots of scenarios that can be played in a Red Flag environment including CAP, DCA, OCA, CAS, SCAR, FACA, CSAR, SEAD, DEAD, ISR to name a few.


I think we will see lots of interesting missions in the NTTR when it's ready.


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