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  1. Sorry nothing yet. It's taking us a long time to get the final required elements completed. We will post something as soon as we have any news.
  2. We studied the triggers and have added some enhancements to correct the unexpected voice over trigger and a more positive shutdown response. We will submit for the next patch update once we complete testing.
  3. ED has been tweaking the night settings for some time now. This also impacts the FA-18 Hornet missions as reported here and the Mi-24 Hind as reported here and the F-16C Falcon as reported here. I'm sure other modules are also impacted. Some have recommended a restart between missions as per this thread. Not sure when they will fix it but you could try adjusting the contrast on your MFCDs to get better target visuals. Once you spot one, place a mark point so you will know where they are if you lose lock.
  4. Mission files updated and submitted to ED to include in the next patch bundle. Hopefully these changes make it easier for players to complete the mission. Thanks to суховей for reporting the issue and providing a fix.
  5. Yes we would like to. We will have to wait until most of the bugs are completed so we don't spend too much time having to fix the missions.
  6. Yes the AI behavior changes with each update. It was good for awhile (wingman peels off while you land) so we will see if ED can correct it. If not, then we will consider having him hold at a waypoint instead of following you in. We like having him fly close so he can see what you are doing during the flight.
  7. Thanks for reporting the issue. Looks like ED changed the AI wingman behavior again. Try positioning more to the left for a 2 flight takeoff. Hopefully ED will correct the AI wingman takeoff behavior but if not we will see if we can delay his takeoff until after you start rolling.
  8. I've opened an issue to make the changes. Hopefully will be done in time for the next patch update. Thanks for reporting this!
  9. Yes it has! You get campaign files for both aircraft versions.
  10. Try changing the temperature in the weather settings. I noticed yours was at 0 and changing it to 20 allowed the runway markings to show up. Not sure if it was a bug or intended but as the temperature goes down the markings fade away. dead_mission.miz
  11. Yes we do intend on providing the different mission sets for the different AI versions (rookie, ace and random) and these will be in our upcoming F-15C Aggressors ACM campaign. Likely we will update our existing F-5E Aggressors ACM campaign with a similar set once some of the other campaign work gets completed.
  12. Yes we do. We plan on changing some of the voice overs to give it a different feel but the concept will be the same. One on one BFM dog fighting against dissimilar aircraft (DACT). We also plan on an ACM (Air Combat Maneuvering) campaign with missiles for BVR (Beyond Visual Range) training and a Red Flag campaign for the F-16 in Aggressor Livery which will include both Air to Air and Air to Ground missions.
  13. Yes correct. BFM is close in dog fighting (think a knife fight in a phone booth). You need to kill the bandits to succeed. We hope to have an ACM (Air Combat Maneuvering) campaign for the Hornet soon that will be BVR (Beyond Visual Range) with missiles.
  14. Just retested mission 11 in the latest OpenBeta and the JTAC voice overs played fine. I suggest you do a DCS Repair and uninstall and reinstall the campaign files in case they got corrupted.
  15. Do you have any mods installed? Someone had mentioned that Viacom can interfere with the JTAC responding. Please uninstall any mods and see if you can get a response. The JTACs are contacted on the 3rd radio only (VHF FM Radio 2) and you need to ensure the frequency is set properly. Please post a trk file and we can investigate further.
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