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Help Extending an X-52 Stick

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Hey pal,


Ive never done an X52 but I had an old Force Feedback Joystick and took it apart.


About to rebuild it around an old tent pole to make a nifty helicopter throttle with several buttons, a HAT and a comfy grip.


My advice, open her up and see if you can replace stick, lengthen wires etc.


If its like the Force Feedback there is a main board where the plug socket is and the stick electrics are wired to a small plug on the main board, you can unplug, cut the wires in the middle and wire in extensions so you can move the stick grip away from the base as far as you need.


Point of note, the X52 only has a spring to hold it centered, if you extend the stick without doing something with the spring it might feel a bit limp.


You might be able to glue like a rubber plunger over the base to replace the spring or assist the spring?


Some others have used like dampers or some sort of miniature suspension to keep it centered.


Hey whats the worst you can do? Take some picks as you are taking it apart, label the parts in small bags. I always take a photo of electronics now before I cut them, burned out two LCD screens thinking black would be negative when in china it seems any color will do!

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Thanks for the advice!

I guess I'll just have to crack her open and see what inside. I'm just not sure what I should use for the extension. I guess some kind of pipe, probably plastic. I've seen other people just use a solid rod and run the wires through separately also. So idk, but it'll be fun just to mess around with. :thumbup:

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