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anyone use x55 for these?

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posted my problems in another X55 thread just now, but i just bought the A10C module.


The Mad Catz HUD program died on me shortly after i got it in January, and i simply ignored it for the Mig 21 and P51 modules i had. But i figured i'd need it for the A10C so i could set keybinds to HATs etc.


Un- and Reinstalled drivers and HUD software, got it seemingly working. Found a A10C profile, got that loaded up in the HUD software and now, if i even enter the Throttle under Programming my computer reboots.


Don't know or understand whats happening, and you should test to see what happens to your system, but using profiles in the HUD software, for me at least, seems quite broken. It might be power-drain causing voltages to drop, and the PC to reboot to protect itself, but i really don't know. I'll get a powered USB HUB to test.

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Here you are.




Take in count that i don´t like to put everything in a profile, i preffer to include only the switches and buttons that you usually operate in the real cockpit, plus some more i find very interesting to add because they are very useful.

" You must think in russian.."



Windows 7 Home Premium-Intel 2500K OC 4.6-SSD Samsung EVO 860- MSI GTX 1080 - 16G RAM - 1920x1080 27´


Hotas Rhino X-55-MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals -Track IR 4

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