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  1. Yes, i have both CPL Seahawk and 60L Blackhawk, and we are using the .lua. We experience some weird interaction with the CPL mod, that shows some parts of the seahawk around the hueys bottom. I will try disabling the 60´s mods to see any change. Thanks for your kind replies.
  2. Thanks for your kind replies, Neo, but thats what we are doing. All Hueys are loaded previously on the misión editor with the same four modern soldiers. Each client sees themselves the correct soldiers load, but when looking to other team mates, they see the FBI agent. Thats the issue we are having right now.
  3. You mean a dedicated server? Because this is happening while hosting directly through my computer. No dedicated server.
  4. It seems there is a probem in MP with this mod. I see myself correctly with the soldiers loaded on the back but i see other clients with the FBI agent on the side, and displaced from his original position in the helicopter. We checked that everyone has the soldiers option loaded but only each one sees the correct load for themselves, and every client apart shows the FBi agent instead. First pic is myself. Second pic is other team mates on MP with the same load as me, but i see the FBI shooter.
  5. Pues vaya. Si quieres puedes subir aquí el archivo clouds.lua y lo miro a ver si tiene algún error en la densidad por debajo de 9
  6. Estoy en la versión release y funcionan las gotas de lluvia tanto en el terreno como en la cabina en los presets 1 y 2, en ek preset 3 no funcionan pero es sencillo corregirlo editando un archivo .lua. Solo hay que editar el archivo clouds.lua que hay en Config/Effects, buscar a partir de la línea 1730 y editar los apartados density y densityGrad para que estén en 0.900 o por encima. Yo los he puesto en 0.900 y 1.100. En la actual versión Beta no se si los presets de Overcast con lluvia no funcionan ninguno.
  7. Lo miraré a ver.
  8. Entiendo que estos problemas son con el preset de lluvia 3 nada más. El 1 y 2 deberían funcionar bien, o la última actualización hace que no funcionen las gotas en la cabina en ningún preset?
  9. Thanks for the headsup AJ
  10. Not a good solution but restarting DCS will fix the issue. At least for me, the very few times this happened.
  11. Thanks kahuuna. A really strange artifact,, never seen before.
  12. This new F-105 version fixes the grey rectangle below the G plane?
  13. AMAZING ¡¡¡ Go Armada ¡¡¡
  14. It could be helpful to add a track, a tacview file, something to check your results, before claiming ED is inflating anything.
  15. This is awesome mate ¡¡¡ Really AWESOME ¡¡¡ Thanks for adding this kind of variety to DCS World experience.
  16. Version 1.2 is out ¡¡¡ https://github.com/Kinkkujuustovoileipa/uh-60l/releases
  17. Tested AEW capabilities with Hornets, Vipers and Tomcats. Works nicely !!
  18. Will do also my own research, thanks for the reply. Beautiful model mate, the skins are spot on with real examples.
  19. This E-7 has full AEW capabilities, compatible with Datalink, SA, etc on western modules? I mean, it works as E-2 or E-3 core AEW in the same way?
  20. This also works but be sure to have inside liveries the correct Ju-88 name folder. Ju-88A4
  21. Adding more liveries should not make dissapear others. I have that pack installed and the stock leopard one works as intended. Just be sure the path to add liveries is like this, C:\DCS World\Mods\tech\WWII Units\Liveries\Ju-88A4\ *****liveries folders**** If you dont have the Ju-88A4 folder inside liveries just create one
  22. That's the point of more liveries.
  23. Im not saying this is a perfect. solution for everyone. Just a temporary way around. DCS evolves and bugs are there. Sometimes some issues are more annoying than others but eventually they will get fixed. Bearing to tankers are still ok so use that and the radar to find them. In real life not all tankers are able to transmit Bearing- Distance and pilots must know tankers hook patterns location on the flight plan to find them.
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