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Help - X-55 rhino mapping

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After flying for two weeks with only my keyboard, I decided to buy a Saitek Rhino 55 and I have no idea how to map it, which seems to be a recurring problem.


I have found some profiles on the forum but I cannot upload it properly (through the HUD or within the game).


Does anyone have a lua file ready to use, that sort of match the training instructions of the game?


any help is appreciated, I really want to start playing this game properly.


Another question, I read I have to download the DC World software. What does that do as A-10C seems to be running properly without it.



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I used in game assignments, it's probably easiest that way. I have no clue how to export and share them though (tried once, didn't work). My initial setup was basically just a copy paste of the real thing minus the mic 4 way hat and some adaption of the boat switch (used the switches on the base for it). After learning the plane, I completely trashed the real setup and rebuilt it in a more sensible manner so that the button functions were a bit less randomized (seriously, who puts lock on the stick and unlock on the throttle?).


Edit: Rather than make a new post, there are some things I should add. Here is a quick reference guide on the real A-10C HOTAS: http://en.wiki.eagle.ru/w/images/8/89/A-10C_HOTAS_CHART.pdf


As for your question about DCS:W, the A-10C is a plane within it. That A-10C game you've been playing is in fact DCS:W. If you buy additional modules, they will add new flyable planes (or ground units in the case of combined arms). But they are all played within the same DCS:W game.

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