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When playing on the 104th server the recorded replay only shows my plane! I suppose you're familiar with that problem? Flying the MiG-21 is hard and Tacview could help me understand various situations. Any ideads how I can fix this issue? Tacview is perfectly installed on my computer (DCS-Icon is seen at the bottom right) and by default the files are saved automatically in a folder called "Tacview" in "My Documents".



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Sorry for this late answer, I just found your thread by chance. I still wonder why so many DCS World threads are lost in the lomac section…


From what I know the 104th server does not authorize data export. This is why in your case Tacview is only able to know where your MiG-21 is and what you are doing but nothing else about the other pilots or AI objects.


Like suggested on my web site you can either replay the corresponding tracks after each flight so Tacview can at last export all the data available. Or you can try alternate servers where Tacview is “authorized” like [Open Conflict] for example.

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