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Saitek X52 Calibration Problems

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Hi guys,


I got the X52 today and after installing all software and drivers I went to calibrate it. Everything works on the control stick and the throttle except the up and down Y axis on the control stick. If I push forward or back rapidly it then moves but then returns to centre again. Anyone else had similar issue? I am running it on windows 7 64bit.




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If it's new, maybe you got a bad one? The X-52's auto-calibrate themselves on computer startup.


If you notice the joystick isn't centered or you have lost some travel at the forward most and rear most ends of the throttle axis, you can calibrate like this:


Ensure the throttle is fully forward and the joystick is centered. With the computer running, pull out the USB cable from the Throttle unit where it plugs into the computer's USB port. Then restart the computer. Once the computer has restarted, plug the USB cable back in.

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