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  1. Cryovile - The Ghost of Kyiv
  2. To bad. A full advanced clickable cockpit of the A10A would sell really well I think. So would the F-15A and F- 15C. I hope we see them some day.
  3. Awesome interview! "Fish" is the wild one, he really loved them mav's
  4. The DS920+ may be a bit to low spec with 4GB installed RAM and 8GB as max. Maybe look to get a bigger NAS?
  5. I would have tested that for sure. You can run a virtual Windows 10 (or 11) on that box. The problem may be RAM. How much do you have available?
  6. Yes, I can see that the auto-marking is a bit off the real thing.
  7. Bullshit! Would love more complete cockpits on both the MiG-29A(C/S) and the F-15C (I even would buy the F-15A if someone did it)!
  8. Great work! Was looking for the Campaign Guide but found it in the download file. Thanks.
  9. Are you serious? Do you fly real F-15s on a regular basis? What is wrong with the FM?
  10. Here are the settings I use now. It "almost" removes the shaking slider.
  11. I have to upload it again but this is an old image but the settings still does work. I will check my settings what they are like today but here are the old one.
  12. Yes! As a collective protest let’s all stop killing flankers until this is fixed!
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