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  1. Awesome! Does this mod work? Or still in development?
  2. Cryovile - The Ghost of Kyiv
  3. To bad. A full advanced clickable cockpit of the A10A would sell really well I think. So would the F-15A and F- 15C. I hope we see them some day.
  4. Awesome interview! "Fish" is the wild one, he really loved them mav's
  5. The DS920+ may be a bit to low spec with 4GB installed RAM and 8GB as max. Maybe look to get a bigger NAS?
  6. I would have tested that for sure. You can run a virtual Windows 10 (or 11) on that box. The problem may be RAM. How much do you have available?
  7. Yes, I can see that the auto-marking is a bit off the real thing.
  8. Bullshit! Would love more complete cockpits on both the MiG-29A(C/S) and the F-15C (I even would buy the F-15A if someone did it)!
  9. Great work! Was looking for the Campaign Guide but found it in the download file. Thanks.
  10. Are you serious? Do you fly real F-15s on a regular basis? What is wrong with the FM?
  11. Here are the settings I use now. It "almost" removes the shaking slider.
  12. I have to upload it again but this is an old image but the settings still does work. I will check my settings what they are like today but here are the old one.
  13. Yes! As a collective protest let’s all stop killing flankers until this is fixed!
  14. A fresh install may not solve your problem. Have you tried to rename the Saved Games\DCS folder? Then try selecting quick start mission for the F-15. If working you have something in the Saved Games\DCS folder that is interfering.
  15. This makes it interesting to visit the MiG-29 cockpit again. Thanks
  16. Yes. As long as it is a keyboard that returns an unique keyboard id you can program most of the keys. Make a test file for all key codes and try. I believe there are some example files in the download.
  17. The forum is definitely getting better all the time. But I do miss the old "paged" list of unread posts. Is it possible to recreate something similar? And option to set how many posts on one page? Thanks
  18. I have the same problem on two old squadrons. I'm the only member and cant leave. I hope you can make it possible to leave the squadron and that you then delete empty squadrons automatically. Squadrons do die you know
  19. No, all Windows versions have one. Just search for "Game Controller" on your start button and start the "Set up USB game controllers". When started you should see a list of the controllers you have connected. Select the one and explore the Properties and you will find the deadzones there.
  20. Try to set a deadzone on the axes on the device controlpanel in Windows. You still need a deadzone in DCS on about 3.
  21. I think I may have a copy somewhere but I can’t search for it tonight, maybe tomorrow.
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