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Dear Belsimtek, can we have a control helper option also on Huey?

I have lots of fun by using this function while triying roof top landings with giant mi-8

and also if this feature could be on off during the game by pressing some key configuration it would be better.

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Nope. Not like force trim.


The control helper option (seen in the special options section of the MI-8 ) automatically moves the joystick into the proper location for hover and normal flight.


It's ostensibly easier to fly the aircraft because of this, but I find the game moving the cyclic controls for me without my joystick inputs to be highly distracting.


Op, I'd advise spending some time practicing hovering. It took me well over 20 hours of practice to manage a half decent hover.


I would also advise turning the saturation on the cyclic control stick down some. Just be aware that if you do this, you will need to use the trim button to fully deflect the cyclic controls. (If you set your saturation to 50%, moving your joystick all the way in one direction, will only move the cyclic stick in the game halfway to it's limit in that direction.)

Practice makes perfect.

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