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  1. Is there a list for all Sam threats for cpg to choose? And what are these letters for?
  2. I haven't played with viper for some time since I am spending my time with my helis recently. Today I made a try with it in 4ya server. First I couldn't find any targets with my tgp flir. then I switched to TV mode and found all targets very easily. Then I handed off the targets to my boresighted mavs but image was very blurry and unrecognizable. I locked and fired a few meters off the targets. I know there are some new things on flir side like hot and cold objects but.. don't know..
  3. As you might know, MSFFB2's FFB is becomes active whenever fingers get interact its sensors where on the front side of the stick I tried to apply rubber band to cause a permanent activation of these sensors as if my fingers are on the stick. But it doesn't recognize rubber bands. How can go around this problem?
  4. Thanks but I am using msffb2 as springless stick. So trim hat does nothing for me. I set course selector but somehow it stops responding after a while even I don't make a heading change at all
  5. Thanks guys. These replies are very useful for me
  6. I am trying to learn its autopilot. But ı am unable to turn the ALT hold on by pressing also in which scenarios should I use SPUU ? what does it do?
  7. I am using hat switch for heading and alt adjustment on my Mi-8 But I couldn't these buttons in the mi-24 menu. How can I do that (without axis)?
  8. I think the hind is one of the best looking airframe ever. But its usage areas are very limited in modern war theaters. It can not detect incoming missiles with its useless rwr, can not see threats in dark (even dusk). Can not dial a radio frequency etc. I hope there will be a more modern version of it in the future to deal with ah64 For now I can use it in 4ya servers since the labels and f10 views are enabled. I know it is almost Impossible due to lack of documentation. But it is just a humble wish
  9. does it mean it can be done IRL but not in DCS?
  10. I am not sure if it is a real or fictional but it is very hard to see outside at hover position. I would like to increase the height of my viewpoint as I do with the viper.
  11. F-14, Syria, 4YA servers. Crashes very often. I can't even use mouse cursor for about 10 mins.
  12. A few post above https://www.instagram.com/reel/CcqHdkvsTMR/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  13. I can still see the video via these links
  14. This is what razbam shared years ago. Soo if still a heavy US helo is in the plans, then it should be the stallion https://www.facebook.com/RazbamSims/photos/a.316309961788982.75719.316077818478863/1374080826011885/?type=3&theater
  15. I can't recreate this on SP because I have to end flight to select another plane. And if I select only one plane during the session, everything works as intended Problem occurs when I hit esc then click select role and spawning in viper.
  16. Yes I am. It doesn't interfere unless I select a helicopter slot first.
  17. Yes no axis assign for ffb2 for viper but it works as if I assigned controls to it
  18. I am using TMHW for fighters and MSFFB2 for helicopters. When I am in MP servers, sometimes I play with helis and then select an F-16 in same session. Normally my FFB2 is not mapped for fighters at all. Despite not mapped, it still takes control of the plane and I can't fly with my TMHW without unplug my FFB2. This doesn't happen if I don't select a helicopter. This doesn't used to happen before.
  19. The RWR in our version is doing nothing other than banging our ears. I hope at least we had spo-15
  20. Is there any way to trim the cyclic without trimming the rudder? (MsFfb2)
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