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texture gliches in cocpit


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I see a lot of cockpit texture gliches inside of the cockpit. Weird white blobs popping in and out, a brief black screen and then textures poping back on screen.


I only see this with this aircraft. other aircraft are fine.

Any ideas?

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no everything is vanilla. I thqught it had to do with the plane still being in beta.. since i have no problems with other modules ka50, or the sabre...


It is really strange. it takes maybe a second, the cockpit disappears the screen goes black and then i see the bushes and terain loading in and then the runway and finally the cockpit... hapens realy fast..


during the flight i see glitches at the dials and instruments. white blobs apearing and disapearing rapidly..


Seems to get less glichtes when i turn off hdr... but not sure..


i have a 780gtx ti and a i7 920@4.2Ghz 16gig ram. dcs is on SSD drive...


as i saied before other modules work perfectly....


Is there a cash folder to delete or something else....

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Please post screenshots, dcs.log, and me.log as attachments.


What is your cockpit texture size set to? Try 512 every frame, or even 256.




i9 13900K, 128GB RAM, RTX 4090, Win10Pro, 2 x 2TB SSD

i9 10980XE, 128GB RAM, RTX 3090Ti, Win10 Pro, 2 x 256GB SSD, 4 x 512GB SSD RAID 0, 6 x 4TB HDD RAID 6, 9361-8i RAID Controller

i7 4960X, 64GB RAM, GTX Titan X Black, Win10 Pro, 512GB PCIe SSD, 2 x 256GB SSD

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