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Intercom button not working correctly??


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I have mapped the "INT on Stick" and "Radio Button" to the radio control button on my WH throttle. From the front seat pressing the "INT on stick button" doesn't bring up the Interphone menu (nothing happens). However, pressing it from the back seat does bring up the Interphone menu.


Pressing the "Radio Button" works from both seats and brings up the the R-832M radio menu.


Mapping the "INT Button" brings up the the Interphone menu from both seats.


I assume the front seat pilot has a button on his stick to activate the intercom (INT on stick) so he can speak to the ground crew and I assume the back seat pilot in flight?

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The aircraft communication system consists of an intercom set and a VHF/UHF radio.


The intercom provides the following function:

- Inter-cockpit and cockpit to ground staff communication

- Connection and mixture of all audio signals to be applied to the headset

- PTT, transmitters and receivers audio's distribution


The intercom system is powered by 28 V DC and is switched on by "RDO" switch located on the main CB/switch panel in the forward cockpit or by "INTERCOM GROUND" C/B located on the miscellaneous CB/switch panel in the aft cockpit.


To activate the ICS transmitting, one of the PTT buttons located on the throttle grips in both cockpits shall be pressed. In the aft cockpit, the PTT button is doubled with the button located on the stick grip.


- "INT on stick" [RAlt + RCtrl + RShift +I] is the intercom button on the stick of the rear cockpit.



- "INT button" [RCtrl + RShift + I] is the intercom button on the throttle of both cockpits.



- "RADIO button" [RAlt + RShift + I] is the radio button on the throttle of both cockpits.


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