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  1. Getting this as well (black flickering squares or flickering black half screen). I've flown around East & West Falkland so far and while this issue occurs over all areas I have flown so far, it does seem to happen more frequently near Stanley & Mt Pleasant. Yet to see if it is an issue in Argentina or Chile.
  2. Tried it and went down like a dart!! I'll try it again but try to catch the nose quicker
  3. Agree this seems an issue, even with the recommended settings above.
  4. Really appreciate the early release of the (361 page ) Quick Start Manual
  5. Just found this one myself and was just about to report it but ....... snipped my several months it would seem.
  6. There a few issues that need to be addressed and features that need to be added/ refined, but it certainly seems to be going in the right direction so far. Looking at Petrovich in the rear pilot seat, it would be nice if the Petrovich altitude setting changed more slowly initially, then increased in speed as you hold the long-up or long-down button press. This would allow you to make small altitude adjustments. Especially handy when you are trying to pop up just a few meters from behind cover, or duck down behind some cover, or when operating close to the ground. I also think Petrovich is a little heavy handed with the cyclic, especially when moving around in the hover-transition mode. Especially when going forward. As you mentioned, I'm looking forward to the voiceovers for both orders and acknowledgements.
  7. This is an EXTREMELY disappointing announcement, especially as release was eagerly anticipated before the holidays. However, IMHO, it is COMPLETELY the right decision by ED and one built on bitter experience. ED have provided a list of specific functionality/ features for Early Access release and another list for module completion. The Early Access list provides features that will provide players with a fun and flyable AH-64 at initial release. This will be followed by further, more complex features, weapons and module refinement. To jump the gun and go early when this list of EA features are not ready (in particular the AI) would be to do the whole F-16 release all over again, and make it unenjoyable for everyone! The AH-64 module is a complex aircraft which will require two pilots or one pilot and a clever AI to fly/ operate it. Imagine if they did release it with a George AI who was basically bat-sh*t crazy! Not doing stuff he was supposed to, repeatedly crashing into things, not identifying targets, not engaging, trying to fire through buildings et. etc. It would be pointless and people would lose their lolly big time! ED want this released just as much as we do, but they want it done right, just as we do. Unfortunate but necessary.
  8. Wouldn't hurt for that young captain to do a few tutorial videos while we all wait for release.
  9. That new Wespe model for the WWII Asset pack looks spectacular. The level of detail is amazing. Well done to those responsible. Great work.
  10. Thanks for that. I was a bit stumped as to why it wouldn't turn on, but would turn off using a key bind.
  11. Normally does the first time a map has been downloaded or updated. Try reloading it a couple of times and it should be fine.
  12. I see a Devrim helicopter mod, I download! I've been using you cockpit mods for years. Really appreciate your hard work and sharing. Thanks brother.
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