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Deleting Mission

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Not exactly sure where you're looking to delete them from...


Missions you create in 1.5 will be saved in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Missions. Delete those from your hard drive like any other file.


To delete missions from the multiplayer playlist, highlight the mission and click the minus symbol.

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I remember that from a DOS for Dummies book several years ago. Tried a *.miz search and found my missions in 1.2 but nothing in 1.5. Curious. Anyway, don't bother yourself as I am just trying to clear out some clutter in my ME. Not a big deal.

By chance did you see me post regarding no audible AB ignition indication over in Flaming Cliffs 3\F-15C ?

I asked about it as when I flew with you on the 355th you mentioned we would take off in stage 3 AB but I could not hear the ignition. Might be important in formation takeoffs.


It is always best to not fly too fast or fly too slow. So I fly half fast. :D

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