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  1. Unfortunately, no, the mission appears to have been lost in the shuffle. I have resubmitted it, apologies for the delays!
  2. I made some proactive tweaks to the Fencers' flight plan that seems to have corrected the issue on my end; I also discovered a few other problematic behaviors in the process that have been corrected; the updated mission should be included with the next patch! EDIT: Unfortunately these fixes didn't make it into today's OB patch, but it should be in the next!
  3. Two times in a row definitely doesn't inspire confidence...I will give this a go on my end this evening! Thank you for your diligence in reporting issues!
  4. Thanks for the report. Hopefully this was a fluke (the AI can be extremely wonky at times) The ROE violation did come as a result of the Fencer crash, most likely; I don't want to spoil the rest of the mission by explaining what happens next but them dying early would be problematic. I'm going to give the mission a run myself when I am able, please let me know if this happens again on your end if you replay it. Should you experience the issue again, please try to send me a .TRK or .ACMI so I can see exactly what happened.
  5. I also have a pretty sizeable group that gets together weekly. We'd be happy to provide feedback on your Syria iteration. Feel free to shoot me a PM
  6. Long have we sought to manipulate the state of the AI's lighting....no such luck for now.
  7. Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for any other strangeness. Just got those guys behaving again a couple weeks ago so hopefully they'll give me a break
  8. Thanks all, this has now been fixed internally and will push with the next update! The AI's departure pattern has changed recently, which caused them to no longer fly through the area which set off the intercept dialogue. I have also adjusted the AWACS' orbit to ensure they are able to detect the bandits. Please submit a track in a separate thread for your issue with mission 02, thanks!
  9. I see the Flankers taking off and flying their route as programmed, which is what confused me; I confirm the same results however; no voiceovers after the rejoin despite that. I'll investigate why AWACS is not seeing them and subsequent voiceovers aren't playing ASAP. Appreciate the extra effort getting the track to me!
  10. Got your track! Running it now, thanks. This should shed some light on things
  11. That is a good one....it looks like he was damaged and may have actually belly landed on the top of the mountain! Since he didn't quite make it back to Russia, it never triggered the "Foxhounds bugged out" message...guess I need to add a check if their speed drops to 0 as well! Please let me know if anyone manages to encounter this again!
  12. Hi TunedPort, I just tested the trigger that causes the jets to take off and did not experience the issue you described. If possible, should you or anyone experience the issue again could you please include a .TRK or .ACMI ? Spoilers below
  13. Lovely, didn't realize that had been added.
  14. Sounds like the AI have gotten a stick jammed somewhere over taking off. Thank you for the report, I'll investigate this ASAP! In the meantime, if you'd like to skip ahead in the campaign, you can find instructions for doing so in HERE
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