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Fix for NTTR navigation


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Currently the navigation in NTTR map is not working at all.

To fix it, open R_NAV_data_Nevada.lua (Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\Mods\aircraft\MIG-21bis\Cockpit\Systems) and change the following lines:


line 1:

local long_modifier = -1



line 5:

map_location = 'NE',



lines 291 - 292:

lat = 36.62722,

long = 116.02750 * long_modifier,



Or copy the attached R_NAV_data_Nevada.lua over the existing one. :)


Backup the original file before making any changes!



RSBN/PRMG channels:


GROOM LAKE 336R -- 1



CREECH 092 --3

CREECH 145 --4


NELLIS 220 L --5

NELLIS 220 R --6


McCARAN INT. 269 L --7

McCARAN INT. 269 R --8

McCARAN INT. 024 L --9

McCARAN INT. 024 R --10



There's only one NDB station, located 32km W of Creech AFB. It is marked on the map. ARK sector 1 I channel 1.


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Grunf, you really made my day. Your fix works perfectly. All I can say is thank you very much.

People might be interested that there is a full NTTR map RSBN/PRMG NavChannel list already available in your MiG-21bis/Cockpit/KNEEBOARD/indicator/CONTENT folder so you do not have to write all those channels down somewhere.


If you do not have that file in your OpenAlpha cockpit folder simply copy and paste it from the corresponding MiG-21bis cockpit folder in your DCS main game.

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Worked great!


For a while, then there was an update, and it won't work anymore, even with this fix. What's happening, please?

The update overwrites the modified file with the default one, so you have to copy it (or modify) again, following the instructions from the original post.


Unfortunately this will be the case after each update, until the issue is fixed by the LNS.

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