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Change log question


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Most games when a change log goes up there have been patches, is this the case with the Gaz?


I did read this part "some of these fixes may not show with the current public release and will be in a future update"


Please add a DCS version number in the info.


The current CL has 2 dates on it but I didn't see any of these changes made.


Is there something I need to do on my end to get this to update? Or is 2.02 considered a public release?


With 4 different versions of DCS, I have 3 of them and didn't see any patches.


Was this only for 1.5.3 beta?


Thanks for any info. (and the move)

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It's a bit complex. But essentially the change log date is the date that code was sent to ED. At that point during the next upgrade (either to 1.5.3 or 2.0) the updated code will be send to the Gazelle. So in theory, the next update for either 1.5.3 or 2.0 should see all the ins in the changelog.

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