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Would this be worth doing?


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I posted this in the Tech section, but didn't get a reply, so I'm posting it here. Sorry for the double.


I recently bought a new computer, I still have my old computer which ran LO fine, and my laptop all networked.


Instead of using one computer for everything while flying LO, would it work to host a game on one computer, play from another, and use RW or TS from the third in MP through a router? In Single player? f it's possible, would splitting up the tasks on 3 computers make the game run better?


Thanks for any help anyone can give.

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I've tested this out, and it certainly does work. I guess it's nothing more than a dedicated server that many have running for everyone elses enjoyment.


But the questions would be then:


1. Would it benefit the single player to have two computers running in hopes of increasing the smoothness and frames. I have not tested this yet, and not sure where to start cause I know that more frames in LO doesn't always equate to smoothness.


2. Everything in question one, plus with a third computer for the use with a comms program in MP. With the question being, would your network suffer with 3 computers running on the network for one game in MP, thus negating the benifits you gain from splitting up the work load one computer would normally have?


Without testing this, I could only think that if you split the workload you would normally have on one computer, on 3 computers, you would have smoother play. Maybe not higher frames, but a more fluent(sp) game. But I don't know.


Thanks for any and all replys. :-)



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remember to put the hosting computer in F-10 mode, or son some dedicated server script.

I've been out of this hosting game for half a year, and don't know what hacks/scripts there are available (automatic mission rotator?) out there.


Lol, try hosting a coop map in America's Army 2.7, great maps btw, just what I like, real teamwork, no annoying human opponents trying to hack/exploit, and most of the time, experienced players. I've been playing AA since version 1.1, and it sure has evolved, and not at the cost of realism. Yes, 2.7 is slightly buggy, but I know workarounds (except for disappearing objectives, then I recommend mass suicide, Japanese style), and I'm quite happy with it, and very addicted to the game atm.

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