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FC on multiple LCDs?


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I have seen pictures of people using LockOn on multiple ( 3 ) lcd screens. I currently only have one, but am thinking of getting 3 new LCDs ( matching ) tfor this as well. How are people running LockON FC on 3 lcd's? Is there a special software needed to display it across three displays, so that the center one is the center region with the two side lcd's the left and right areas of the viewable pit?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Microsoft Windows Vista x64 bit

Overclocked Intel Core2Duo @ 3.30GHz


Nvidia GTX280 1GB

DCS Blackshark Russian DVD Box and English Download

1920x1080 res. @ 37" Westinghouse LVM-37w3 1080P

Background image by Shrubbo.

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