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X52 Profile?


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I just finished one, here it is :smilewink:


I labelled all of the keys I mapped so, you might want to check it out in the saitek profiler first. Much better then poking all the buttons in the game and see what they do :pilotfly:


There are two things you should keep in mind.


1. You must have mouse look enabled so that the tiny stick on your throttle can be used to look around. I mapped all of the hatswitches with other buttons

2. I don't know if it will interfere but I recommend that you clear all of the assigned X52 buttons in the input section of the game. I assigned hatswitch 1 to trim the aircraft but lock-on maps it to look around the cockpit. I didn't want any conflicts and cleared all of the X52 button assignments in the game.


Happy Flying! :pilotfly:

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