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Aircraft Armament Systems Video

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Hello all. I just recently came back from a 4 moth deployment to the desert. While deployed i put together a video of my job. I currently work on the B-1 Lancer for the USAF. If you watch the video you will see what i am lucky enought to do every day. I'd like some feedback if you wouldn't mind. It will let me know if i should put it up on other Lock On sites for every one to see. Thanks S!


Heres the link



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Spectacular! I thoroughly enjoyed that buddy...really kept me interested, and fantastic editing! Not to mention it showcased one of the most badass bombers to grace the sky!


The footage from the inside and outside of the Bone at low-level is what I love to see. If possibly, could you upload a separate video of more of simply the bone where it belongs? Footage around here of the B-1 isn't a commonality.


Great work!




...Beauty, grace, lethality.

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