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Helios: Making an Indicator blink?

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I found a work-around for making an indicator light up to replace the Low/Nominal RPM collective switch indication in the Blackshark. The switch needs to send key strokes as there are no bindings for this in Helios. By having my hardware switch send both the key presses and an virtual analog button, I can link to an Indicator in my Helios profile and no more forgetting this important switch is on. Veterans of the BS will remember this as a feature that was lost along the way.


Anyway, is there a lua timer code I can use to make the Indicator toggle on and off while this switch is pressed?


Please note: I am not crazy about the audible warning and I use my own Indicator in my Helios profile for this to avoid using the Master Warning.


Thank you,

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You can use this code to do a blinking indicator:


local FlipFlop = math.cos( os.clock()*10 ) * TriggerValue

return string.format("%s",math.max(0,FlipFlop))



Where TriggerValue is the value you get in Helios from the export.lua.

But, you need to be sure the value is sended to Helios each cycle, because Helios dont change the indicator, if the value dont change between cycles.


To do that you can add something that changes everytime, for example the seconds of the clock, to the value of the switch, and then remove it in Helios before do the flipflop.

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