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Map CW and CCW to the rotaries? (if it exists)


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I've been trying to map some of the rotaries in the M2K to the rotaries on my button box, but i cant seem to find any way to map Clockwise and Counter Clockwise to my rotaries, only specific functions.


some of the rotaries in question:

IFF Selection

PCN Parameter Selector

INS Mode Selector

INS Operational Mode

Rader mode

HSI Mode


obviously you can just click on them, but it would be awesome if we could have the option to map a button to change the mode up/down instead of a specific selection

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I just did the INS tutorial and wanted to assign INS functions to numpad keyboard - no luck without inc/dec shortcuts for rotaries.


In general, I can't imagine how those shortcuts we currently have can be usable to anyone. The people without hardware controls don't have 20+ free shortcuts on their keyboards to map every rotary position, and cockpit builders use encoders which also need inc/dec shortcuts.

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+1 :thumbup:


Actually, I had already asked for this some time ago here.

Zeus said that they consider it (whatever that means exactly) when the model is finalized.


I really hope they add these functions!

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