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MP Crash after entering server


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Hi thanks for the log.


can you add your system spec to your post.


I would start with making sure windows is up to date, and your gpu driver is installed fresh.


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Hi BIGNEWY thanks for the reply.


Specs are:


Windows 7 x64

i5- 4690k 3,50GHz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 4gb

8.00GB RAM


I haven't had issues in the past with playing multiplayer, but I haven't played in months.


I'll check my drivers.




GPU needed an update, but problem persists.

Also tried a clean install and deleted my Steam DCS, makes no difference.

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I'm having these same problem. When entering MP I can choose plane but then I cant join, buttons doesnt reakt (join, briefing, exit) only the "X" on upper right corner brings me back. This happens on beta and alpha.



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