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Orbweaver Chroma and Simple Radio Standalone

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Hi folks,


As I recently started to fly more online and using the fantastic Simple Radio Standalone I often found myself wishing for some more keys/buttons.


I am thinking about getting a Razer Orbweaver Chroma to put for example SRS keys and the DCS radio menu F-keys on it.


While researching my options for some more keys I´ve read in some review that the Orbweaver Chroma can take input from games/programs to change the colors of the keys.


Now comes the probably stupid question (I have absolutely no idea of programming and stuff so don´t please laugh at me if the idea is stupid and can´t work):


My plan would be to have for example four keys on the Orbweaver for my four radios all the same color for easy identification, let´s say yellow. That can be easily done with the software as per the reviews.


Now, what would be really cool would be to have a radio key turn green when the corresponding radio is my selected active radio in SRS/DCS, and any radio key turn red when someone is talking on that radio.

That would eliminate the need for the SRS overlay to see which radio is active and to remember which radio is in the left or right ear (sometimes different between airframes...)and to see on which radio someone was transmitting, you could just hit the key on the orbweaver that was red when someone talked to answer for example.


Do you think this is something one could configure? Or would that data export function for the orbweaver have to be built into Simple Radio Standalone, which most probably will not happen for a single guy and his stupid idea ?


Thanks for your thoughts,



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I used to have a regular single color orbweaver with some labels stuck on the keys. It works quite well. But because of the labels it was only useful for one aircraft - or very generic commands for all aircraft.


If was to do something like that again, for the same money I would buy a small touchscreen display and use Helios so that I could have more functionality.


Or perhaps a very cost effective way would be to use an old crappy keyboard and put stickers on it and rebinding the keycommands with this program https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=156919&highlight=keyboard

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