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[RESOLVED]Cyclic stuck to 100%


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Hi, I cannot get the cyclic to lower and I always crash, it's set to the default key bindings (numpad - for lower and numpad+). i reset to default, I repaired DCS world 2.03


I'm using track ir5 and Logitech 3d pro,


it has worked for me before


any thoughts?



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  • ED Team

Hi and welcome to the forum


Check your stick in windows, make sure it is calibrated.


also in game use Rctrl + enter so your can see you axis working while flying to check.


check other control columns to make sure you have no conflict


failing that try a fresh set of controls


C:\Users\yourname\Saved Games\DCS\Config\Input and delete the aircraft folder you wish to redo, and then redo your controls ingame.


let us know how you get on

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Have you looked at the axis control settings, and deleted all the unwanted entries? When you first run a new module, it is the first step to take. You will find all controllers have entries for all axes, and you need to delete all but those that are required. i.e. Pitch and roll for the joystick, thrust for the throttle, rudder to the rudder pedals etc etc. (That is what BIGNEWY was referring to as conflicts).

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Hi Bignewy & NeilWillis,thank you for the quick reply, I ended up deleting the input and checking the axis and it now works fine. I never would have figured it out without the help you both provided. Thank you soo much

You guys Rock!!


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