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Ultimate Argument campaign resets when pilot dies anywhere.

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I was using DCS World 1.5 beta for the Ultimate Argument campaign, which I was really enjoying. When I first started a while back I noticed that when I died in the campaign it was reset back to the first mission, and I thought that was fair enough.


However last night, as I was frustrated with not being able to complete mission 11 as I couldn't even locate the Predator, I switched to have a go in the F-5E in Instant Action. I flew a few quick missions, and then once during the ground attack I dropped my bombs a bit too low and blew myself out of the sky, so my pilot from my profile died. When I went to continue on with the Ultimate Argument campaign today, I noticed it had reset again, obviously because my pilot in my profile had died. I do like the campaign, but it's a bit frustrating to have to go through all the missions I have just been flying over the past few weeks to get back to where I was.



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