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AH-64D flyable

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This is a corrected mod from happy cavin with the non compliant folders removed.


This follows the user agreement.


To make this work, you must copy the bin, cockpit and FM folders from the KA-50 folder to the AH-64D folder.


To correct the cockpit view, Open the mainpanel_init.lua in ah-64d\cockpit\scripts, with notepad++


Change line 55


From, cockpit_local_point = {3.188, 0.39, 0.0}


to, cockpit_local_point = {4.388, 0.49, 0.0}




Has added weapons, not tested.


JSGME compatible with adjustments above.






"Yeah, and though I work in the valley of Death, I will fear no Evil. For where there is one, there is always three. I preparest my aircraft to receive the Iron that will be delivered in the presence of my enemies. Thy ALCM and JDAM they comfort me. Power was given unto the aircrew to make peace upon the world by way of the sword. And when the call went out, Behold the "Sword of Stealth". And his name was Death. And Hell followed him. For the day of wrath has come and no mercy shall be given."

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