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Make a bomber do a straight in approach to a target area


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Hi guys,

Im having som problems getting bombers to just do one pass over the target, at which point they drop all their bombs and then just carry on. Im sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything when I searched the forums. If it's been asked before just point me in the right direction.


What I want the bombers to do is to just fly in a straight line and then at some point drop all their bombs. I have set one of their waypoints to "bombing" in the advanced waypoints actions menu, and I have set their reaction to threats to "no reaction", but still when they get to the point where they are supposed to release their bombs they to a huge 360 degree turn before running in - they do release their bombs, just not at the time that I want them to.


Any idea on how I can solve this?

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Possibly the waypoint for the bombing action is too close to the target. Working on the B17 mod I found it needed about 10:1 ratio distancefrom target:bombing height. So bombing from 8000m needed the waypoint for the action to 80km out from the target. Also needed to make the flight path between the action waypoint, target and first waypoint after target as straight as possible. Also on the action itself it may help to specify bombs and ALL rather than auto. Not saying the above will definitely work for you but perhaps it may help.

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oh.. looks like it worked.


after you load it, just click wpt 1 and then in advanced waypoint options click edit.


that will open a side bar with ..


weapon.. whatever you want..



REL QTY .. set to ALL



ATTACK QTY.. set to 1



hope that helps, Im still learning how to do it myself.

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