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Throttle for WW2 aircraft(cougar upgrade)

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Throttle for WW2 aircraft(cougar upgrade)


For a long time I’ve been longing for a universal throttle with great functional appliance and small sizes. The stick of HOTAS cougar has been taken as a basis, the electronic stuffing is from MMJoy2 controller. DVik created a 3D-model from my sketches, and after prolonged backfitting the throttle took the final shape. This is the second version of the throttle, first version


The throttle is fully made from metal by means of laser beam cutting with following bending to the required angles. All axes(gimbals) are on the bearings, axis effort can be regulated. The digital magnetic sensors TLE5010 are used as axes sensors.


Throttle dimensions 280х140х51mm. Throttle has:

- 3 digital axes TLE 5010

- 1 hat switch

- 1 three-way switch

- 22 buttons

- 5 encoders

- 6 toggle switch

- 7 RGB led diodes

attachment.php?attachmentid=150057&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1476370017 attachment.php?attachmentid=150056&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1476370017 DSC01204.thumb.jpg.bb91660039535d494fbf2d463ef6586c.jpg


The output of the game characteristics from WT, IL-2 (DCS in the future) is possible by means of MMJoy2 controller. The output of the characteristics can be displayed to


The electronics developer is mega_mozg_13.

The throttle developer is DVik.

CPU i7-4790k/ zotac GTX1080/ ОЗУ 16Gb/ Philips 40" 3840x2160/ джойстик BRD-N(v. №4) + педали BRD-F2 restyling + WW2-DVik Throttle(MMJoy2)/ TrackIR5 pro/


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