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I fly BMS with a VFW and LOVE dcs single player and want to get some low level info on how to get flying on DCS. I mainly fly the A-10C with a few F-15 and F-86 hours under my belt. I dont even know if I need a radio mod etc. Anyone have some pointers? (I'm also not looking to join a VFW because of my involvement in BMS)


1tb HDD

AMD FX-6300

16gb DDR3

Nvidia GTX-1070

Oculus CV1

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I'm just venturing into multiplayer also, so I'll give you my tips from that perspective. I'm sure others with more hours will have more details.


Get a program called Simple Radio Standalone. It's here in the forums under Mods I think. Most servers use it. Many also use Teamspeak. I've yet to figure out which is used more....seems every time I connect nobody is on either.


Because of the radio mod, make sure you understand how to use the radios, as most servers are set to not use easy radios. You'll need to know how to tune and key them to talk.


Before you join a server, after you click on it, make sure you read the details on the right side about what is enabled and disabled. Makes things easier later when you can't understand why such-and-such isn't working.

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