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I have a request to Eagle Dynamics, please.


I hear lots of references to the Official updates forum where we mostly get updates and announcements detailed and indeed, this message is very consistently repeated.


However, we find information about development, out of cycle and in Q+A format in other forums, especially the Russian language forum.


Supplementary information I can understand. However I'm refering to the specific update that was provided by Chizh on scheduling of DCS 2.5 and F-18C, which are very significant details and warrant official updates inside the already established communication cadence.


Recently, there was more information provided in the Russian forum and I will admit that I am confused. Is this not official, as we have been told? If it is official then why is it not in the Official Updates forum and discussed mid thread and very hard to find?


My ask is that Eagle simply communicate official dialogue (especially contentious or project schedules or project content material) in one place, like they say they do where official updates are concerned.



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I am guessing you desire more communication on the English side of the forums, but I suspect the most likely consequence of such a request is less communication on the Russian side of the forums. For that matter, in the past, too many complaints have resulted in less news posts on the English side too.


Requiring devs to crosspost everything through as official news-posts will basically prohibit them from casual discussion about DCS development. As long as forum members like Silver-Dragon are regularly trawling the Russian side of the forums for interesting news and posting it on the English side of the forums, I don't see what the problem is.


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  • ED Team

ED are aware, expect to here official news soon.


it will be addressed like all official information via the official Newsletters.




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