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Lua editing, a minefield?


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A question about editing the




found in World's input folder.



I am looking at either reassigning the debug keypresses, and some others but me being completely new to this lua business, I am concerned that these debug bindings might be hard coded elsewhere and that reassigning them would lead to issues.


Can someone verify that either reassigning these keybindings, or removing them entirely from the lua, is either risk free or a no-go?

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Well, I could but

1) I am pretty new to both Steam and DCS and the activation process so

2) I would be pretty horrified if the installation goes haywire and needs a reinstall, also because

3) It took me and this internet almost 2 days to download BS2 from Steam so I would hate to do that again and

4) I have a few broken PCs behind me over the decades after experimenting a bit much



if someone who knows could verify then that would be real nice.

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