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VR performance could be affected by Exports


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DCS World LoGetWorldObjects() currently takes about 20% of CPU. ... There is nothing we can do on Tacview site do fix this performance issue. For example: This is the most important export function and we must call it at least once a frame to know what is going on. Because without it, it is not possible to know which objects have been created/deleted/updated.


With Tacview 1.5.1 you can check your DCS.log file after a mission to see by how much CPU Tacview LUA exporter and LoGetWorldObjects() are taking to export data.


From this thread -> https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2940453


I have mentioned this as a potential issue for people experiencing VR performance problems before BUT this is the first time I have seen actual measurements made from inside the export environment.



02995.954 INFO    LuaExport::LuaExportStart: [Tacview.UpdateLog] Profile Time=[30.0s] Frame Rate=[30.9 fps] w/o Export=[44.7 fps] DCS Ratio=[69.0%] Export Ratio=[31.0%]
02995.954 INFO    LuaExport::LuaExportStart: -------- Profiled Section -------- | CallCount | Ratio | Total |
02995.954 INFO    LuaExport::LuaExportStart: AddUpdateObjects(ballistic)        |       926 |  0.1% |  0.0% |
02995.954 INFO    LuaExport::LuaExportStart: AddUpdateObjects(units)            |       926 | 31.2% |  9.7% |
02995.954 INFO    LuaExport::LuaExportStart: LoGetWorldObjects(ballistic) [C++] |       926 |  0.4% |  0.1% |
02995.954 INFO    LuaExport::LuaExportStart: LoGetWorldObjects(units) [C++]     |       926 | 67.4% | 20.9% |
02995.954 INFO    LuaExport::LuaExportStart: RemoveObjects                      |       926 |  0.6% |  0.2% |


  • Tacview LUA script AddUpdateObjects(): 10% CPU (Tacview side, will be fixed)
  • DCS World LoGetWorldObjects(): 20% CPU (ED dev team side)


Very cool!


Vytuoz is a professional, he has been aware of these issues for a while and has been working on a solution.

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Anyone tested ? Can someone confirm it help with VR to remove it ?

I need every last bit of CPU i can get and i don't use tacview 99% of the time.


i OC'd my CPU and got only 4Ghz (i'm pretty sure it's my RAM but i won't buy a new set of 32GB).


i OC'd my GTX 970 to the maximum setting (and it doesn't want to overheat of crash, sweet :D )


How to remove it ?


EDIT : heh, i just have to untick the option in tacview :D

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Does this matter if Tacview is not being used?

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