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  1. Considering the screendoor effect in VR, it would be nice if we had a cockpit livery that wasn't anti-aliased and maybe "cleaner" in order to be more VR-friendly. Anyone ever tried to work on the cockpit texturing for this purpose ? did it works ? Any suggestion ? thank you :thumbup:
  2. i wouldn't be surprised if the rotor blade hurt VR FPS in a significant way.
  3. Friendly greetings ! Soo... i'll be honnest : I have no idea how to mod DCS and don't have much interest in developing a mod. (unless i really have to). The basic idea is simple, the process may be difficult or simple, i have no idea. I fly in VR (oculus rift) and i'm tired of the horribly bad look of terrain texture. Partially because i have "only" an overclocked GTX 970 so i can't max out the settings. What works very well in VR is flat and/or cartoonish shading. EG : Is there a way to do that in DCS ? In some way or another ? Is it easy ? (i'm a system administrator, not a professional coder, but i can code if needed) If you don't know an easy way to do that using a few explanation a forum, any pointer to the correct documentation ? Possibly a precise pointer instead of a "here is the 900 pages manual, RTFM" ? :music_whistling: I think you understand what i mean and i'm willing to make some moderate effort to make it happens. Maybe it will be an horrible experience, maybe it will be a good one. If it works and seems to worth the effort i'll put more energy in it, but for now i have no idea if it will make things better or a disaster. thx <3
  4. Anyone tested ? Can someone confirm it help with VR to remove it ? I need every last bit of CPU i can get and i don't use tacview 99% of the time. i OC'd my CPU and got only 4Ghz (i'm pretty sure it's my RAM but i won't buy a new set of 32GB). i OC'd my GTX 970 to the maximum setting (and it doesn't want to overheat of crash, sweet :D ) How to remove it ? EDIT : heh, i just have to untick the option in tacview :D
  5. automatic. i don't remember doing anything and i was really suprised i was capped at 45FPS. I didn't know about ASW until i asked on facebook why my FPS were capped at 45fps :D
  6. you can map the "VR zoom" (forgot the exact name) on a joystick button in the UI Layer DCS setting. It lag horribly for me, but it's useful :)
  7. since i'm now capped at 45fps i can confirm that it was released. It works well, no problem at all so far. I have a slightly overlocked i7 4770K (my ram doesn't like the OC and i won't buy a new set of 32GB) and a GTX 970 Strix. I have pretty much everything at low/off except : Pixel Density 1.8, MSAA 4x, cockpit 1024. I have a very solid 45fps in any condition in Ka50. I'll change some setting now but i want to keep VRAM usage at 3.5GB maximum (currently 3GB) and 45fps.
  8. But i had right hand priority !! :joystick: (edit : how do i insert a larger version ? problem solved. copy url of attachement then post this url as img ^^ )
  9. i won't be able to the fly the 26th too, i'm at my grandma 90th birthday :joystick: edit : 100th page \o/
  10. Is it really planned for the 25th ? It's pretty much one of the only days of the year when i'm sure i won't be able to fly :(
  11. Yes, C130 gunship would be the best, mod, ever.
  12. I have a slightly different problem. Everything was installed automagically except FC3, no idea how to install it.
  13. i'm not aware of any usefull function of this slider. i know that some people assign it to "zoom" and some others to rudder.
  14. ho yes ! I finally found how to assign the useless friction slider (on the TM Warthog Throttle) to the rudder, and i'm exploring the capabilities of the A-10C with a working rudder :) Here is a new video (my 2nd successfull mission \o/) with EVEN MORE sliding :joystick:
  15. I tried ! :) Ho well, i'm not as good as your are, but i'm working on it. :smartass:
  16. Hi ! The A-10 (or any plane) is much easier to fly than the blackshark, however ... good luck with the fighting and weapon system which is more complete (and harder) than the blackshark :music_whistling: Buy a joystick, any joystick ! First, you will rediscover the blackshark (i started without joystick). If you can afford it, of course, i suggest the thursmater hotas warthog. But remember than the warthog joystick is only 2 axis and ideally you need to buy a rudder pedal too. (suggestion welcome, i need one :D ) Second, it's really enjoyable to flight an a-10 with the hatos warthog ... because it's a very well crafted a-10 replica :thumbup: If you don't want to buy the hotas warthog, i suggest a microsoft sidewinder joystick. I played Flight simulator and x-plane for years with it, microsoft (surprisingly) sell very good hardware.
  17. I own a Thrusmater HOTAS WARTHOG, so i can easily control the thrust engine independantly. My little challenge of the day, to learn how to fly this odd thingy is to flight without touching the joystick. I don't know how realistic it is, but it's surprisingly easy ! - i have to touch the joystick a few seconds to take off - i can have an easy steady flight (at ~200mph), without using the joystick (and withtout the keyboard, of course) - i can easily gain or lose altitude (symetric thrust, no joystick) - it's really easy to turn left or down and keep a relatively steady altitude (ok, +/- 100), using asymetric thrust control (and no joystick of course). Checkpoint can be easily followed with a good accuracy. The only real problem is the landing. As soon as your landing gears are out, the plane take a deep dive. Maybe it could be controlled with the landing gear out, not sure. This is only my 2nd day of flight :) The track file of my 1st test : http://fractals.s3.amazonaws.com/vrac/no-joy-1.trk The landing was a little messy as i suddenly had to use the joystick to avoid a crash (i lost a lot of altitude with the landing gear) :joystick: Anyway, it's an interestingly way to learn how to fly the A-10 :pilotfly:
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