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Visibility up-sun and down-sun

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From the air, looking in the direction that the sun is shining from, the ground, horizon and objects appear clearer to me than when I look at the ground and objects with the sun behind me. Surely this should be the other way around. I would expect visibility to be more difficult when looking in the direction of the sun, not when looking with the sun behind me.


It is puzzling to me that I climb and position myself with the sun behind me, thinking I can spot targets better, as in real life, but in fact visibility is worse (more haze) with the sun behind me! It is not something to do with the cockpit canopy because I get the same effect when looking with the canopy open and not looking through the Perspex.


Any one else noticed this? It is kind of like the effect of the sun light is back-to-front (better visibility (less haze) looking towards the sun and worse visibility (more haze) when the sun is behind me.


Can anyone explain this?


Happy landings,



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