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Mission 12 - Low Level Flight

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Just looking for a little clarification on this one. How am I being rated? On my following the flight plan or on my formation flying. I ask because my flight leader is a little erratic in his speed and altitude flying and I just got failed for following him when he shot above the altitude limit.


In short, can I largely ignore him and just hit the waypoints and still expect a pass?




Update. I didn't worry about flying too close, just focused on the waypoints and made Q-.


So, that's me Basic Flight Qualifed. A really interesting campaign. Sometimes frustrating but I feel I now know the A10-C better than any other aircraft. And I still have the advanced course to go.


A big thank you to all who made this module.

Edited by John C Flett
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Congrats on completing your BFT Qual. :thumbup:


Yes the AI can be erratic but you figured it out and kept to the rules of the brief:


Low Level Flight Restrictions:

No Lower than 500' AGL.

No Higher than 1500' AGL


In a way the FE is trying to suck you into breaking the restriction. If you maintain the restriction, and hit the waypoints then you will pass the mission as you found out.


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