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MSFS has done gliders for a little while, but I think the last version I had only included a Schweizer - it was an unimpressive aeroplane and the depiction of soaring wasn't stunning either.


Looks like they're moving things on a bit - good stuff!


Dedicated soaring sims like Condor and Silent Wings are probably going to be better soaring simulators - but voiceover training lessons are good stuff, not sure they stretch that far.


Anything that gets more people interested is a good thing!



It does puzzle me how they've managed to get that much anhedral on a DG808, though ;)

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Apparently the anhedral angle is what the glider looks like on the ground. The wings flex when in flight according to MS. Just this video was old an the effect was not in place then. So in the release version of FSX, the wings will be flexing to a more beleiveable dihedral angle.


But don;t wuote me, I have had to send FSX back, due to having a dodgey DVD disk 2.

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