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Thrustmaster HOTAS Joystick - PS2 Connection


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I'm posting this here in the hopes it helps someone one day. I have fixed my issue.


Okay so I just followed a video tutorial on how to remove the Spring from the joystick, in order to lighten the load on the stick (Inspired by the 109, which is heavy to fly after a prolonged period of time, and encouraged by the potential of getting into helicopters)


Anyway, spring removed I put it all back together, connect to PC and oh... It makes the connection "sound" (Win 10, x64 bit) but doesn't appear in my controllers, and DCS doesn't recognise it of course, either.


Now I am worried. When I bought this, I got it second hand from Norway, and the guy that sent it over basically sent it in a giant box with not much real padding. When it got here, either through his own doing or during transport, the USB wire had split, so I have already done surgery on this ****ing joystick already.


Fear of god in me, to the internet! Turns out it's going to be some kind of installation issue, so I think. I've installed drivers, tried to redetect it, tried different USB slots, all of that, and nothing. At this point, I'm thinking it is hardware related.


"Reseat the joystick itself" I read somewhere - Okay, disconnect joystick, stick it back on.... hang on one minute.


If the PS2 Female Connection on the base of the Joystick looks low, it probably is.


That is to say, when I attach the joystick, the PS2 Female was so low it couldn't QUITE reach the male. Suffering from a lack of length, so to speak. Ahem.


The solution for this is is to raise the Female connection. However, simply opening it up and yanking on it is hard on wires. I wound up taking the whole thing apart however I think it can be done more simply -


  1. Remove Joystick
  2. Remove base plate (Warthog Logo w/ US Air Force Logo) 4 Screws on bottom
  3. Unscrew both tiny Philips screws next to female PS2 connection DO NOT LOSE THESE
  4. Metal ring around PS2 Female should lift, maybe bringing PS2 connection with it
  5. Identify wire underneath coming off circuit board (it is the larger of the two)
  6. Feed this wire upwards, this should raise the Female PS2
  7. Ensure when securing Female PS2 to make sure it is properly seated and perfectly aligned - The Joystick needs the 3 pins at the front, double check this.
  8. Ensure that you squeeze the Female PS2 into the silver holder firmly. I used a leatherman and VERY CAREFULLY used the pliars to squeeze them together.
  9. Reinstall silver PS2 holder/bracket
  10. Tidy wire underneath if needed, should be simple to tuck away
  11. Reattach metal base plate
  12. Connect joystick - happy flying.


The reason the Joystick is detected but not recognized is somewhere in the stick itself, it needs to sense the buttons. So if you find you can see the "base" drivers, and that the Firmware update says "Device should have been recognized in HID" - this could well be the issue.


Below are two videos showing the internals brilliantly.


Cleaning and Lubing your Joystick



I take no responsibility if you brick your Joystick. I took it into my own hands due to buying second hand, and having no choice. On your own head be it.

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