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Hey there! Myself and others would be happy to assist in your Hawg learning. What were you looking for? :)

Come join a passionate community of flight simmers everyday, live at


PC Specs


Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.4GHz MSI Z170A Gaming M7

Corsair Vengeance LED 2666MHz 32GB DDR4

H115i 280mm Liquid CPU Cooler

EVGA GeForce 980Ti Hybrid (built-in liquid cooling)

EVGA SuperNova 750W 80+Gold

Samsung NVMe 950PRO M.2 SSD 512GBx2


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If you are looking for a book reference, then the manual should be your main reference. But in my experience, a seasoned IP is worth a 100 books ...


Also, take a look at this post:




Their SOP manual is very good




Also you will find a lot of info on the sticky threads on this section



476TTP 3-3.A10 Combat Aircraft Fundamentals - Public Release

A-10C manuals and documents collection /

DCS: A-10C Tutorial Collection (PDF´s and Videos)

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Well, a Wiki lives from the contribution an maintaining skills of all users.

Unfortunately we (pointing at my nose) seem not to be able (or willing - or bcs of lack of time) to collect, sanitize and document the knowledge we gather from this forum in wikis. These are my own, personal watchings on this medium.


DCS-related Wiki-Links I know of:




But maybe this will now be a heads-up and we (pointing at my nose again ;)) will pick it up and contribute gained knowledge in a Wiki?

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Inspgadget, what sort of information are looking for an n a wiki? I'm curious if you are looking for a different version of the manual, or if you are looking for more of tips and tricks that apply directly to this sim...


To be honest I was looking for anything and everything I could get my hands on that would help me learn this awesome sim.

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To be honest I was looking for anything and everything I could get my hands on that would help me learn this awesome sim.


Obviously the mentioned Wikis do not fulfill your expectations, so:

RTFM & and searching in the related YT-Channels for Tutorials will help you most. :thumbup:


Anything you won't find there, you'll find here at the forum.

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Read the manual isn't stated over and over and over again for fun... it's just that 90%+ of your questions are answered in there. There are certainly specifics that are either vaguely covered or run into the "sim vs reality" issue... but there really is a HUGE amount of info in there... I'm still reading it after having been flying this sim for a while now. I'm bad in that I can't really read it front to back straight through, but I've read everything at least once and have read several sections many times.


Other things that helped me are

for startup. Watch that then watch it again. Write down every single thing and know it. You don't have to memorize it, but having done that a few times you will have a relatively solid grasp on the startup and the various general systems of the aircraft. Watch all of the "On the Range" series by Bunyap Sims on YouTube. Vids by Gerry Abbott are also very helpful.


Going through all that stuff thouroughly will put you in a place to ask more specific questions rather than a more general "How to learn this sim" frame of mind. Don't get me wrong, it's great to ask questions and to have an awesome community to answer them. Just, there is a lot of material out there... just have to get over the instant gratification thing I think. Not you specifically, but more of just a general statement.

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