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  1. What about these ones: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32819715560.html Can they be used with MMJoy oder FreeJoy?
  2. necro-bump… Since a few days this behavior is back again. How can I get rid of the advert on the bottom? It looks like it is not controlled by a cookie.
  3. Hi Red Dog, you might wanna try this solution? It‘s just a LUA-Edit.
  4. May I post a headsup to my solution just using some LUA-Editing? Sure, if anyone really wants to built it with hardware, this won‘t help.
  5. Yes, contact is closed, when pushed and you can pull it to OFF (open the contact) - like we do it in the Hornet.
  6. I used these ones: https://aliexpress.com/item/32917612962.html Sure, they will not pop out, but they can be used as a 'pull switch'.
  7. Maybe you can use this as the basic design and expand it to your needs: http://www.62ndfightingfalcons.com/62-abc-cockpit.html
  8. Import STL in F360. Then right click on the body on the tree to the left. Function: Mesh to Brep -> New Component. Volià: Editable 3D object. Depending on the unit of the source model and your currently active units you may have to scale the imported or new created body.
  9. ok. Sounds good! Thank you for your fast answer.
  10. Good catch! But it looks like that stepper does not have a 'reset pin'. How did you manage it to rset the needles before a new startup sequence? Just by coding?
  11. DED/PFL has 5 lines... You may want so consider another approach using an OLED? Example: https://scoptronics.com/products/oled-displays/3-2-inch-oled-display/
  12. Oh? Ok... I'll give it a try. Up 'til now I thought F18 can only manage 2 targets in TWS. Thx!
  13. How would you achieve that in our F18 as we only have L&S and DT2? Seems that with the TWS of a F16 it could be done, but 'we' in F18? No idea...
  14. If any display has HSI, SA or EWR visible and is SOI: SCS towards that display should cycle through HSI, SA, EWS. Currently SCS cycles only through HSI and SA.
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